We are a cooperative
with a vocation for transformation

Leitmotiv is a women-owned cooperative specialised in international and social development

Who we are

Leitmotiv is a collaborative project created in 2009 by professionals working in development and evaluation.

What we do

The team

We are a small flexible team with a worldwide network of friends and collaborators who help us widen our knowledge, experience and perspectives.

What defines us

Women’s cooperative

We believe in collective knowledge. We bring different but complementary know-how and experiences in terms of skills and awareness.

Invested in quality

By nurturing every process we can ensure useful, quality products and services.

Closeness and empathy

We believe that excellence and rigour in our work are compatible with closeness and empathy with our clients.

Non-profit company

We are a socially invested cooperative. Our business model reflects our values and our commitment to our social environment.

Growing in knowledge

We are committed to both growing our knowledge and sharing our learning.

Bespoke approach

We craft a specifically tailored process for each project.